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Trinity Lane Church - Tender Loving Care from God to all.


We want to share God's love with everyone we meet. We want to consistently see God at work in the lives of the people in our church, those in the area around the church and, in the lives of those who we come into contact with in everyday life. We want to see the fruit of this in the way people grow, become closer to God and, see the outworking of His love and the moving of The Holy Spirit producing fruit and holiness in their everyday lives. We want to help everyone to know that God's Love for us is seen in the way He allowed His Son Jesus to give His life for us on the Cross so that we may be forgiven of our sin. This act of love illustrates how much God wants us to turn to Him and walk with Him and in His ways.


Our Vision



Our Mission

All we do is enabled by the work that Jesus did for us when He died on the Cross. We want to live our lives to glorify God and share the good news that all can join God's family, enjoy a relationship with God and experience His love, joy and peace. Our lives are guided by what God reveals to us in the Bible and the working of  The Holy Spirit in our hearts. The Bible is God's Word and is the truth for all of life - it is our daily bread and the light to our path.

We know the devil desires to hinder us in our walk with God, but we resist him in Jesus' name. We are aware of the forces of darkness at work in the world to deceive and corrupt. We are awake to globalist ambitions so we want to preach and teach the truth of God's word in order to build strong disciples of Jesus to face whatever the future holds.


Our Community

We are a group of people who think of each other as family members. We love each other and want the best for each person. We support and pray for each other to enable each one to develop into a confident and mature Christian. Just as God loves us, we share His Tender Loving Care for each other in the way we live, meet and fellowship together.


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